Unique step stool designed for modern libraries

Our library step stool is composed of painted steel legs and a wooden top.

Convertible library step stool: step, bench and kneeling

Shelving requires a constant change of posture. In addition to providing access to the upper shelves, the A-STEP offers the options of sitting or kneeling, therefore the middle, and lower shelves. When flipped over, the A-STEP offers a kneeling pad, and when finished, grab on the handles to ease yourself back to a standing position. The perfect tool for reading or filing work!

More compact

The A-STEP is a rectangular library step stool that takes up less space than the conventional round step stool, leaving more room to maneuver the carts. It offers more stability and a wider ground support, while standing on it, than the competitor's product. The A-STEP is a modern step stool tailored to meet your needs and your daily activities!

Wider non-slip support surface

Our safe library step allows you to place your feet in the direction of effort, for example, during shift operations. The A-STEP is a safe and secure step stool for all your needs.

Better reach area

The A-STEP is a wooden step stool with a wider support surface. This means that it is a safer library stool. When compared to the regular library step stools with wheels, the A-Step ranks above; you won't risk losing your balance every time you use it. The wider support surface makes shelving easier; it offers a wider range of reach without constantly having to move the step.


Our modern library stool is a glider that combines stability and maneuverability. Push it in the direction of your choice with more precision and less effort than the conventional rolling library stool.

Easy access

The A-STEP height respects anatomical dimensions and was calculated precisely to ease and simplify its usage. Using a conventional library step ladder can become physically demanding for the staff when they are going up and down during shelving.

Durable materials

The A-STEP is a wood library step stool made with quality wood. You can choose either cherry plywood or birch wood. The wood top is varnished with several coats to offer the same durability as hardwood floors. Our library step stool also has painted steel legs for added durability. Steel is the toughest and most durable building material. The non-slip rubber is made out of recycled tires and the kneeling pad is made of premium EVA foam which will withstand heavy use.